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Hi! I am Alexandra, I am a filmmaker based in Dallas, Texas. Upon graduating in May 2023 with a BFA degree in Film and Media Arts from Southern Methodist University, I am planning to work in post-production on the West Coast.

Why do I create? It's the only thing that fully absorbs me and keeps my world moving at all times.

Since entering the media industry a couple years ago, I have been freelancing my own productions, working in post (color correction/grading, sound mixing, after effects, and editing), directing crews and producing my short films. I have created my own original style of filmmaking, emphasizing human emotions in critical moments, illustrated through different genres in movies created outside the collaborative projects or companies I got involved with. Currently, I am interning in the cable entertainment and creative marketing departments at NBCUniversal Media, cutting promotional content for shows featured on BRAVO and E!.

I am constantly creating visual content of all forms and for different organizations to accomplish my career goal of becoming a fulfilled film director and editor. Don't hesitate to contact me for further details and collaborations.

Awards and Recognition


Official Selection - Real East Texas Film Festival, 2022

Official Selection - Elderhall Texas Film Festival, 2022

Official Selection - Kansas City International Film Festival, 2022

Official Selection - North Texas University Film Festival, 2022

Mystique No. 4

Official Selection - Tyron International Film Festival, 2022

Trailer for Mystique No. 4

Official Selection - Bucharest ShortCut CineFest, 2022

Buzen Suites

Nominee - The Pittsburgh Moving Picture Festival: Thriller Picture Show, 2022


Winner for Best Editing - Eastern Europe Film Festival, 2021

Semi-Finalist – Serbest International Film Festival, 2022

Semi-Finalist – New York City Film & Television Festival, 2021

Honorable Mention – Macoproject Film Festival, 2021

Official Selection – New York Flash Film Festival, 2021

Official Selection – Cinematic European Film Festival, 2021

Tears in the Sky

Semi-Finalist - Eurasia International Film Festival, 2020

Honorable Mention – Screen Power Film Festival, 2020

Official Selection – First-Time Filmmaker Session, 2020

Official Selection - Sydney Lift-Off, 2020

Other awards

Most Original Film – awarded at Excelsior International Film Festival for “Confusion” 2018

Best Technical Director – awarded for best cinematography and technical quality for the documentary on the high school's musical theater, 2018

Public's Choice – Best film selected at the 2019 Vienna EYP video contest, 2019

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