Work Experience

NBCUniversal Media

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Date: January 2022 - present

Role: Cable Entertainment Intern

Description: I started my creative internship with NBCUniversal my junior year of college, after I acquired enough experience to excel in a professional work environment in the entertainment industry. My job as a cable intern in the creative marketing department is to cut promo and social videos for shows featured on BRAVO and E! and provide support to producers with assistant editor tasks, such as subclipping, ingesting, transcribing, technical finishing, and mixing. I also attend brainstorming meetings for organizing promotional strategies for upcoming productions and collaborate with the graphics team for creating title sequences and GIFs.

Charlie Uniform Tango

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Date: November 2021 - present

Role: Freelance Sound Mixing Assistant

Description: I have the great opportunity to collaborate with one of the best sound mixers and editors in Dallas, Texas. As often as projects of common interest are involved, I can assist with sound design/editing/mixing in Pro Tools, ADR, and foley in order to develop my knowledge and skillset of post sound.


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Date: May 2021 - December 2021

Role: Post-Production and Videographer Contractor

Description: I came in as an editing intern in order to create content for the “Launch” platform, but I advanced as a contractor, and so my tasks involved filming and editing a weekly video for Pepelwerk YouTube channel, brainstorming marketing ideas for the company, and creating animated videos and logos. I used different types of Sony cameras and researched several advanced ways of implementing copyright free videos and music within the company's content.

3008 Studio

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Date: November 2020 - December 2021

Role: Post Production Freelance Editor

Description: I was responsible for the color corrections and after effects implementation for a 28-minute horror film released by 3008 Productions. I was hired to polish the final edits and create a trailer for the short film before it was distributed on YouTube. I also assisted in other processes, such as offline editing or the distribution phase for other projects.

Les Mots Magiques

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Date: June 2021 - August 2021

Role: Publicity and Media Marketing Analyst Intern

Description: My duties involved researching marketing strategies for YouTube channels in order to broaden the audience reached through short clips about copyrighting, editing and creating graphic design for these videos, and maintaining a strong presence on social media. The meetings, and overall content created were all in French.

Caravan Cowork

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Date: June 2020 - August 2020

Role: Video Editor and Web Designer

Description: As the video editor for Caravan Cowork, I edited the social media websites by enhancing each platform with more suitable videos and descriptions and I reorganized the structure of the daily visual posts. However, my main job was to create a medium length video on the stock market for the manager of the company, for which I created several drafts, dealt with graphic design and mastered the soundtrack. The meetings, and overall content created were all in French.

SMU Cox Business School

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Date: October 2019 - May 2022

Role: Video Editor

Description: As the video editor for the School of Business at SMU, I deal with the recordings of the lectures taken every day. I make sure the sound is comprehensible by mastering the audio tracks, and I edit the beginnings and ending by adding transitions. I also frame and adjust the video and cut it in parts so that students and teachers can view it easily online.